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Keymap editing and closing words

Keymap editing on the Andromeda is possible in just a few clicks.

  • If you have a recent version of Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or any browser that supports WebUSB/WebHID, Remap can be used to edit the keymap directly from your browser.
  • If you prefer to use a local tool, the standalone Via Configurator can be installed.

Carrying case conversion

To convert the carrying case from packaging mode to functional mode, do the following:

  1. Remove the PCB tray from the case. Foam tray removal

  2. Move the accessories bin lid from the PCB tray to the main compartment. Compartment lid install

When using the carrying case, make sure that the keyboard is securely installed via the velcro straps and that any loose items that can potentially damage the keyboard are secured.
If storing for extended amounts of time, it may be best to wrap the keyboard in a colorless plastic bag or similar to avoid color transfer from the foam or similar onto the case.

Closing words

Once again, thank you for your purchase, and we hope that Vega serves as a reliable keyboard for years to come.

If you ever need support, please contact us at the following:

  • For logistical issues such as damage/loss during transit, incorrect order contents, etc., contact the vendor you purchased from.

  • For assembly help regarding building and similar, first check the FAQ and to drop by ai03’s Discord server for live community support. I won’t always be there to respond, but usually someone will know the answer to the question.

  • If it gets to the point where nobody knows the solution, either ping @ai03#2725 in the Discord server, or contact me via my contact form.

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