NOTE: ai03 is a designer, not a vendor. Since ai03 usually has 0 say or power in any sale or handling of the designs as a product, the answer to any sale-related question will almost always be “contact the vendor you purchased it from”.

Q: When will this keyboard go on sale?
A: For an active project or one in preparation, this is written in the product page, IC/GB thread, or similar specific to the product. Please check such sources.
If the group buy has occurred in the past and is already completed, the board will not go on sale again unless there is another round of sales.
If the ETA is not written or marked TBA, there is no known time when the board will go on sale.

Q: Can I buy your prototypes?
A: No; the prototypes are usually kept for future research purposes.

Q: Will there be another round or batch of a certain product?
A: Not unless otherwise stated.

Q: Will there be extras for a certain group buy?
A: If the project is a group buy, usually there is a margin ordered for replacement parts and B-stock units. If any are left following GB conclusion and replacements, they will be placed on sale as extras.
However, this is not a guarantee, and there are many cases where there are no extra units left following fulfillment.

If the project is an in-stock sale, usually there are no extras.

Q: When is the ETA of shipment for a certain product?
A: Please consult the vendor you purchased the product from, as well as possibly my site and Discord where I try my best to mirror the updates I receive from them.
I am only a designer and have no sale or inventory capabilities, so I am not the most knowledged on these matters even for my own designs.

Q: The project does not seem like it will ship by the ETA, or has passed the ETA. Can you take responsibility?
A: As for me personally, no; I am only a designer and do not set ETAs.
As for the vendors, that will depend entirely on their sale policy.
Since an ETA is only an estimated date of arrival predicting into the future, usually there is no liability for its imperfection.

Q: Is shipment before/around the ETA guaranteed?
A: No; the ETA is only an estimate which is heavily influenced by global and human factors.

Q: Can I change my order details such as case type, color, etc. after placing the order?
A: This depends entirely on the policy of the vendor you purchased from.
Please consult with them instead.

Q: Where can I buy your keyboards?
A: They are either sold or stocked by various vendors around the globe.
You may be interested in the currently available projects list - each page should have a link to their product pages.


Q: Can I swap parts of this keyboard with another part from another round/variant/design/etc?
A: Not unless otherwise stated - even between versions or rounds of the same project, there may be changes in tolerance or design files.

Q: Can I install a third party PCB into this keyboard?
A: Usually no - I only design my keyboards to fit their tailor-made PCBs, and do not design for compatibility with third-party PCBs.
If you are trying it, it is entirely at your own risk.

Q: Can I install Mill-Max/Holtite sockets into your PCBs?
A: No - even when designed for their exact recommended dimensions, I’ve received nothing but complaints about the sockets falling out, damaging the PCBs, shorting against the case, and various unpredictable issues.
I do not support their use whatsoever - if you do, it is entirely at your own risk, and I will not give any support beyond recommending you to remove them.

Q: Will this color be exactly as pictured/exactly as the color code/exactly matching this keyset/etc?
A: No - the color of keyboard surface finishes can vary significantly depending on the light, unit, and even the location of the keyboard unit in the anodizing bath.

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