Screwless seamless gasket 65% keyboard by Kevinplus and ai03

Refining upon Polaris and its gasket typing feel, acoustics, and aesthetics, Vega takes things one step further with a steel weight, completely screwless exterior, and refined build process.

Current Project Status: Group Buy Closed; In Manufacturing

ETA has not changed so far from September despite lockdowns
Order edits supposedly still in progress according to TypePlus
New shipping address edit form created and can be accessed here

Last updated 2021-08-01

ETA has not changed so far from September despite lockdowns
Order edits supposedly still in progress according to TypePlus
New shipping address edit form created and can be accessed here


Possibility of further delays due to an emergency COVID lockdown in Shenzhen
If the ETA changes, a further update will be posted


New ETA likely to be around September due to case manufacturing delays


Cases still in manufacturing stage at CNC drilling
Possible delays due to manufacturing; an update will be published when the extent of delays are known


TypePlus working on order edits as well as post-edit confirmation system
Manufacturing currently still on track


Order edits being delayed in processing
Manufacturing still continuing
Please see #vega-announcements within Discord for more details


All requests for "order edits for order edits" no longer accepted
Manufacturing continuing


Cases and PCBs have begun manufacturing


Group buy closed
Deadline for order edits is 12/07 5:30PM EST


Board available for sale at TypePlus in group buy format
Current ETA of mid-2021


In-stock batch sold out
Preparing for group buy on November 28th


Sales format and info revealed

  • 1000 in-stock units available at TypePlus on November 14; unlimited group buy to follow
  • 359USD in-stock, 329USD group buy

In-stock batch now available for sale


IC published to GeekHack


Board prototype displayed to the public at SoCal meetup

Tailor-Made Typing Experience

Vega brings the extreme typing comfort and acoustic tuning to the 65% form factor, using 28 custom gaskets to completely isolate the plate from the case. A precision-cut foam midlayer and dual stack bottom foam layer allows for precise tuning to balance acoustics and typing feel to your exact preference.

The Reference Aesthetic

The clean, sleek, seamless exterior of Vega has no visible exterior screws, which are conveniently hidden under the keycaps for an uninterrupted minimal aesthetic regardless of the viewing angle. The immense rear-angled weight is made entirely of stainless steel, providing the elegance and heft worthy of being the centerpiece of your desk.

Stress-Free Circuitry

The thin, flex-slotted hotswap PCB comes pre-installed with VIA Configurator compatible firmware, ready for lightning-fast assembly and easy keymap editing without the headaches of drivers and firmware flashing. A solderable PCB kit is available for those who prefer soldering or non-stock layouts.

Thorough Engineering

The centered USB cutout allows for a neutral cable position fit for any desk, and careful design allows for maximized comfort and acoustics even with a hotswap structure. Temporary plate retention screws aid the build process while also protecting the plate inside the case during shipping.


Case weight


Plate materials

Aluminum, Polycarbonate


315 x 110 x 28mm

Typing angle


Price (At time of sale)

329USD group buy, 359USD in-stock

Vendor, availability

In-stock and group buy sold through TypePlus in Q4 2020

Optional add-ons

Soldering kit (Universal plate and soldering PCB)


Black, Grey, E-White, Blue, Green, Rose Gold

  • Default hotswap: xwjfRDz.png
  • Optional add-on soldering kit: 005JRvo.png

Files and Resources

Plate FilesDownload
PCB OutlineDownload
Hardware SpecDownload
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