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Gaskets. Seamless. 60%. $265 Shipped.

Offering a quality typing experience without the high price tag, Polaris redefines the expectations from custom keyboards.
With proper gasket plate mounting, flex-slotted 1.2mm thin PCB, sleek seamless aesthetic, and accessible pricing, experience a top-tier 60% keyboard for a mid-range price.

Polaris render front
Polaris render exploded rear
Polaris render grey
Polaris render bottom
Polaris render black with keyset
Polaris render rear purple
Polaris render side grey
Polaris render rosegold
Polaris render top pair
Polaris render pcbs

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Extra units batch 2 sold and shipped
GB concluded



Extra units batch 2 sold and shipped
GB concluded

Extras sale


Extras batch 2 will be available at KBDfans on 3/29 19:00PST.

Extras sale


Extras batch 1 to go on sale on 10/19



Group buy units shipped
Extra units preparing for sale

Group buy


Group buy will run for 1 month



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Gasket Comfort

Cutting no corners, a total of 18 gaskets hold the plate in place for maximum typing comfort, improved acoustics, and easy assembly. Careful engineering from 8 full redesigns and multiple prototypes are tucked away within the slim bezels.

Refined Aesthetic

The seamless chassis borrows the clean look praised in the KBD8X MKII, while adding a rear-angled weight which adds a touch of visible elegance.
Thin bezels are combined with sharp chamfers for a striking modern look.

Taking Things Further

The 1.2mm thick, slot-cut super flexible PCB offers typing comfort that extends the gasket mount benefits.
Rubber pads applied to the PCB make sure that the stabilizers fit into place without issues.

Made For You

The plate is offered in brass and polycarbonate, WKL and universal layouts, and half- and full-plate options to meet the exact aesthetic and comfort you desire.
Choose between regular, WKL, and corner blocker style tops to suit your needs.

Cutting No Corners

Two foam mid-layers, one below the plate and one below the PCB, fill the case to cancel vibrations and echoing.
The plate is completely isolated by gaskets, leaving no metal-to-metal contact between the plate and chassis once assembled.


Specifications Table Header

Case weight



296 x 110 x 28mm

Typing angle


Price (At time of sale)

265 USD, free shipping included

Case colors

  • E-White
  • Black
  • Space gray
  • Blue grey
  • Burgundy red
  • Olive green
  • Rose gold
  • Purple
  • Polycarbonate

Case tops

Regular, winkeyless, corner blocker
Layout Diagrams

Plate options

  • Layouts: WKL, Universal
  • Style: Full, Half
  • Material: Brass, Polycarbonate


  • Universal Plate: Universal Layout Diagram
  • WKL Plate: WKL Layout Diagram

Files and Resources

Hardware spec

  • Case screws: M2x6mm or M2x7mm, countersunk
  • Weight screws: M3x4mm, countersunk
  • Hotswap standoffs: M2, 3.5mm length
  • Hotswap plate-side screws: M2x3mm, countersunk
  • Hotswap PCB-side screws: M2x3mm, regular
  • ESD grounding point screw: M2x3mm, regular
  • Temporary plate retention screws: M2x6mm, regular

PCB outline


Plate files

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